Impact (2016-present)

A Wipeout-inspired flight racing arcade game where the player smashes through glass to get the edge on their opponents. This is the most ambitious personal project tackled so far, but it’s definitely the most exciting. Currently working on:

Development – It is being developed using C#, with the controls implemented using the ReWired plugin. So far created all of the physics for flight, weapon mechanics, split-screen multiplayer and lap times. The shatter of the glass also took quite a lot of tweaking to get the explosion on contact just right.

Design – The player ploughs through glass barriers to obtain weapons and speed, which

Art – The goal is to tackle normal-mapping and greatly improve graphical capabilities over previous games. The aesthetic of neon-based glass is important, as it defines the UI in a strongly symbolic way.





Fadeout (2014) – Play

A game published on the Google Play store in May ’14 as the first bigger personal project. It’s a 1-D rhythmic tilt evasion game built in a similar vein to super-hard arcade games such as Super Hexagon. Worked on:

Music – Used Reason to create the soundtrack. Hihats can be heard when the player moves the fader.

Development – Programmed all of the gameplay in the UnityScript language, complete with achievements and increasing difficulty of speed and the delay of sequences.

Design – The game was designed around a diagonal, with the logo and all UI following the same design. The controls were designed to have a certain amount of friction within a deadzone. Various elements pulse to the music. Scoring involves an additional near miss mechanic which multiplies score based on risk and reward.

Art – Created using Illustrator. The font was picked as a futuristic console-like font which is still readable.


FadeOutModeFinal3 PlanetModeFinal3 SpaceModeFinal3