Impact – New name, and a whole load of new stuff!

OK then, update status: it’s been over 2 months (you deserve a smack on the wrist Sujan!).

I have decided after much deliberation to call the game Impact.┬áSo what’s new? A plane model fully textured with carbon fibre (:3), a dual-slot system allowing the player to switch between two power-ups, a new power-up called┬áBurst which fires a 3-bullet salvo to hit either players or barriers, a health system which allows players to destroy each other and to supplement that, local multiplayer for up to 4 players!

Here are some screens of the new stuff!



A new plane model


Impact_5.6.0_Health_TitledNew health UI and weapon slots


Impact_5.6.0_Burst_Icon_TitledThe new burst power-up icon and slots in action



The new Burst weapon





Some tasty split-screen action!

There is a lot to fit in these days, every week I aim to post more stuff (you know, like I said over two months ago). The next new mechanics to implement are some fun things, watch this space for power-up news and other, slightly less important but no less exciting stuff!

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