Negative Space – A new game mega post!

Hi everyone, great to see you here! I’m writing today to share with you what I’ve been doing with myself these past few months. In a phrase, ‘I’ve been making games’. Didn’t quite have the same gravitas when I said it out loud…whatever, here’s a moving thingy.

So this is a project I’m codenaming ‘Negative Space’ (man I’ve always wanted to say that!). It’s a WipEout-inspired flight-racing game where you smash through glass to get to the top, and seeing as I didn’t have any better ideas, I decided the first type would be a boost a la Burnout. And yes, I have been creating everything once again, although I am seriously considering looking outside for a fresh take on it. Damn my stubbornness.

>> Development [01/01/16 – 23/04/16]


And no this game didn’t just come out of thin air, it was something I created for a game jam a year ago (which was a lot less clean). I spent a couple of weeks cleaning it up afterwards, and it looked exactly like the picture above (dat cube instantiation exhaust smoke tho). And I just sort of left it. But then I looked at it again on New Year’s Day and thought, ‘why did I not work on this more?’. Well those weren’t my exact words, I made a lot of prototypes and was working on a rhythmic cube stacking game at the time, and what I actually said was: ‘Why am I making a game about f***ing cubes?! I should be making this one!’. So I started doing just that. Below is the development of the previous control system, which was 360-degree rotation based.

360 Space Controls (01/01/16 onwards)


First I added some cool trails and an outline shader. Nifty huh?


Next, some shatter for when the player smashes through, and some cheeky speedometer UI


Then some test UI on the actual barriers to get them working


Arcade Race Control (05/02/16 onwards)

It was at this point I tried to pilot the plane in a tunnel, only to find that it was damn near impossible to control it. Drat, and I thought I had it nailed. So I completely reworked the control system to move up and down, and turn left and right. That way, it was more ‘arcadey’.

Put a new UI on the barriers with the new controls. By the way, the tunnel didn’t stop you from going outside at this point!

I’ll put more in for the next post, for now I’m putting in a cheap “To Be Continued..” thing here. There will be more visual loveliness in the next post!

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