Ludum Dare #34

Greetings again!

I’d like to share with you my entry for the Ludum Dare #34 game jam.

For those who don’t know what the living bejeezus a game jam is, it’s a set period of time for people to make games in whether solo or in a team. Typically they are comprised of a 48-hour timeframe and include a theme. In this case, there were two themes (due to a tie between the votes); two buttons & growing. For this one there were two options for contest type; 48-hour solo or 72-hour relaxed team. I worked with another team member by the name of Leo (@GlintGames) who provided the cute art style, which really elevated the feel of the game!


So here is the entry, Super Plant Frenzy. It’s a game where the goal is to become the biggest by eating everything of a similar size or smaller than you, Pac-Man style! One twist though, your plant fellow will only eat when it feels like it, otherwise it pushes bugs away. Health is on the right, progress on the left, and if you reach the end you get a typical game jam-style finish!


Making this game taught me a few valuable things:

  • I’m finally ready to collaborate more
  • I can now go for more complex games, remember that my first was a certain one-dimensional game, but I’ve used more systems with enemy spawning and more sophisticated balancing of gameplay
  • The game wasn’t half bad. Sometimes there is a kind of empty feeling that you couldn’t get enough done to make the game fun, but this feels pretty decent, although there’s always room for improvement!
  • Blogging during development is a habit I’m going to need to incorporate. It’s nice to have a little thing to look back on for yourself and everybody else that looks at the game during the jam!

I’ve had a lot of fun during this jam and seen a lot of the amazing creations that people have made, one of my personal favourites being this. I look forward to the next jam which will most likely be the Hangover Jam, named with good reason as you can see here!

As usual thanks for stopping by, and feel free to enjoy our game jam entry here!

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