Hello World!

Whew, now that’s done I can finally put games up and they’ll look alright. Perhaps.

Hi all! I’ve just ditched my stubborn nature for one second to enlist the help of WordPress to help me layout my site finally. I just want to make games man! So with that out of the way, welcome to the new (and hopefully set in stone for a while) site. Now onto news!

Recently I’ve been busy programming. A lot. In a language I feared for years: C++. For this tiny lil’ thing here which won my heart:



It’s called a Gamebuino, an Arduino-based portable console uses a screen from those old Nokia 3310s and 5110s that everyone remembers so fondly!

So basically, I’ve been making this little Robotron-esque shooter for the system and it’s been coming along rather nicely. You can shoot, teleport, chuck bombs and strafe, all within the limits of what it can do. I know right?

TitleBomb  StrafeTeleportLevelUpEndScreen

The game is called Robo-Sushi, where you are an escaped humanoid in an underground robot-ridden sushi factory with the goal to get up as many floors as possible by shooting, blasting and evading your way up. Of course, you never reach the top. It’s a big factory. But it’s fun to see how long you last and how many you shoot!

You can check out new versions here.

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