Impact – New name, and a whole load of new stuff!

OK then, update status: it’s been over 2 months (you deserve a smack on the wrist Sujan!).

I have decided after much deliberation to call the game Impact. So what’s new? A plane model fully textured with carbon fibre (:3), a dual-slot system allowing the player to switch between two power-ups, a new power-up called Burst which fires a 3-bullet salvo to hit either players or barriers, a health system which allows players to destroy each other and to supplement that, local multiplayer for up to 4 players!

Here are some screens of the new stuff!



A new plane model


Impact_5.6.0_Health_TitledNew health UI and weapon slots


Impact_5.6.0_Burst_Icon_TitledThe new burst power-up icon and slots in action



The new Burst weapon





Some tasty split-screen action!

There is a lot to fit in these days, every week I aim to post more stuff (you know, like I said over two months ago). The next new mechanics to implement are some fun things, watch this space for power-up news and other, slightly less important but no less exciting stuff!

Negative Space – A new game mega post!

Hi everyone, great to see you here! I’m writing today to share with you what I’ve been doing with myself these past few months. In a phrase, ‘I’ve been making games’. Didn’t quite have the same gravitas when I said it out loud…whatever, here’s a moving thingy.

So this is a project I’m codenaming ‘Negative Space’ (man I’ve always wanted to say that!). It’s a WipEout-inspired flight-racing game where you smash through glass to get to the top, and seeing as I didn’t have any better ideas, I decided the first type would be a boost a la Burnout. And yes, I have been creating everything once again, although I am seriously considering looking outside for a fresh take on it. Damn my stubbornness.

>> Development [01/01/16 – 23/04/16]


And no this game didn’t just come out of thin air, it was something I created for a game jam a year ago (which was a lot less clean). I spent a couple of weeks cleaning it up afterwards, and it looked exactly like the picture above (dat cube instantiation exhaust smoke tho). And I just sort of left it. But then I looked at it again on New Year’s Day and thought, ‘why did I not work on this more?’. Well those weren’t my exact words, I made a lot of prototypes and was working on a rhythmic cube stacking game at the time, and what I actually said was: ‘Why am I making a game about f***ing cubes?! I should be making this one!’. So I started doing just that. Below is the development of the previous control system, which was 360-degree rotation based.

360 Space Controls (01/01/16 onwards)


First I added some cool trails and an outline shader. Nifty huh?


Next, some shatter for when the player smashes through, and some cheeky speedometer UI


Then some test UI on the actual barriers to get them working


Arcade Race Control (05/02/16 onwards)

It was at this point I tried to pilot the plane in a tunnel, only to find that it was damn near impossible to control it. Drat, and I thought I had it nailed. So I completely reworked the control system to move up and down, and turn left and right. That way, it was more ‘arcadey’.

Put a new UI on the barriers with the new controls. By the way, the tunnel didn’t stop you from going outside at this point!

I’ll put more in for the next post, for now I’m putting in a cheap “To Be Continued..” thing here. There will be more visual loveliness in the next post!

Global Game Jam 2016 at SAE Institute London

Hi again all!

If you already read the last post, you all know what a game jam is and what it does…… how about the biggest annual one in the world? Or more accurately AS the world, as people all over the globe took part in this one, one of them being myself. And quite a (large) team of others. The theme of this one is a massive improvement over the last couple of years (seriously, the Global Game Jam normally has a real tricky theme!), and it was: Ritual. And we had 48hrs.

So without further ado, here is the creation itself, Cracked Up:


Our take on the theme (after a lot of brainstorming) was to take the simple ritual of avoiding the cracks in the pavement, and make it so that increasingly bad stuff happened if you didn’t avoid the cracks. Not too hard right? Oh and by the way you don’t have control of WHEN you step, only WHERE you step. You need to have your pointer on a good bit of empty pavement every beat, which gets faster as the game progresses. So this is also a rhythm game. Got quite a catchy tune too. Here’s my ugly mug playing it:

Tell you what though, what was really great about this jam was the team. Without Dave, there would be an organised chaos. Without James & Jason, a shoddily working game. Without Sarah, the art would be rubbish to look at. Without Dicky and Lawrence, no catchy-as-hell theme tune. But it all came together to create a really good thing, which is pretty impossible for a big team during a jam normally. I had a huge amount of fun this time, and didn’t want it to end. But you know, there’s always a chance…. 😉

The lot of us in one juicy picture

Sujan, signing off…

Ludum Dare #34

Greetings again!

I’d like to share with you my entry for the Ludum Dare #34 game jam.

For those who don’t know what the living bejeezus a game jam is, it’s a set period of time for people to make games in whether solo or in a team. Typically they are comprised of a 48-hour timeframe and include a theme. In this case, there were two themes (due to a tie between the votes); two buttons & growing. For this one there were two options for contest type; 48-hour solo or 72-hour relaxed team. I worked with another team member by the name of Leo (@GlintGames) who provided the cute art style, which really elevated the feel of the game!


So here is the entry, Super Plant Frenzy. It’s a game where the goal is to become the biggest by eating everything of a similar size or smaller than you, Pac-Man style! One twist though, your plant fellow will only eat when it feels like it, otherwise it pushes bugs away. Health is on the right, progress on the left, and if you reach the end you get a typical game jam-style finish!


Making this game taught me a few valuable things:

  • I’m finally ready to collaborate more
  • I can now go for more complex games, remember that my first was a certain one-dimensional game, but I’ve used more systems with enemy spawning and more sophisticated balancing of gameplay
  • The game wasn’t half bad. Sometimes there is a kind of empty feeling that you couldn’t get enough done to make the game fun, but this feels pretty decent, although there’s always room for improvement!
  • Blogging during development is a habit I’m going to need to incorporate. It’s nice to have a little thing to look back on for yourself and everybody else that looks at the game during the jam!

I’ve had a lot of fun during this jam and seen a lot of the amazing creations that people have made, one of my personal favourites being this. I look forward to the next jam which will most likely be the Hangover Jam, named with good reason as you can see here!

As usual thanks for stopping by, and feel free to enjoy our game jam entry here!

New Robo-Sushi build!

Hi all, got a new version of Robo-Sushi uploaded!

TitleBomb    StrafeLevelUp TeleportEverything End

It’s now got 3 enemy types and tweaks to the UI and look and feel of the game, which means it’s now got a bit of kick-ass sauce on top! Due to the storage (85kb) and RAM (2KB) limitations, the new sound is a bit tricky to implement at the moment. I’ll work on this in the background until the sound fx is done, but it’s time to move onto something else and I believe I may have something coming up. Watch this space and in the meantime play this game!

Click here to grab a free download.

You can also play it on your PC with an emulator which can be found here.



Hello World!

Whew, now that’s done I can finally put games up and they’ll look alright. Perhaps.

Hi all! I’ve just ditched my stubborn nature for one second to enlist the help of WordPress to help me layout my site finally. I just want to make games man! So with that out of the way, welcome to the new (and hopefully set in stone for a while) site. Now onto news!

Recently I’ve been busy programming. A lot. In a language I feared for years: C++. For this tiny lil’ thing here which won my heart:



It’s called a Gamebuino, an Arduino-based portable console uses a screen from those old Nokia 3310s and 5110s that everyone remembers so fondly!

So basically, I’ve been making this little Robotron-esque shooter for the system and it’s been coming along rather nicely. You can shoot, teleport, chuck bombs and strafe, all within the limits of what it can do. I know right?

TitleBomb  StrafeTeleportLevelUpEndScreen

The game is called Robo-Sushi, where you are an escaped humanoid in an underground robot-ridden sushi factory with the goal to get up as many floors as possible by shooting, blasting and evading your way up. Of course, you never reach the top. It’s a big factory. But it’s fun to see how long you last and how many you shoot!

You can check out new versions here.